Hire best contractors

Welcome to Netstern!

Netstern provides a managed solution to enable organisations to source their best performing external contractors directly from their own private talent pool.

The on-going challenge for most organisations is procuring the most qualified and talented individuals at a cost-effective price. In most circumstances, good contractors leave when there is a “project gap”, which results in the organisation losing contact. When this happens, organisations are now restricted to searching for new “unproven contractors“ in the open market. This method is expensive, uncertain, time-consuming, and risky.


Existing Network

Most organisations already have an excellent and resourceful network of external contractors, but without the right tools and processes they do not have the ability to leverage existing resources.


The platform provides a real-time overview of available contractors. This means that when there is a new project or requirement, organisations can easily locate their former contractors and know their status.


Netstern’s managed service is a turnkey solution that requires minimal input from our clients. Our managed service ensures everything is prepared and consistently updated so our clients do not have any extra effort.

For an organisation to properly utilise their network, they must create a cross-departmental structure to enable collaboration, communication, and compliance. Netstern’s solution provides a structure so organisations will benefit from the knowledge that they already have.


Hiring managers can easily collaborate and add their best former contractors to the organisation’s platform. By sharing the knowledge of their best contractors, the managers create a powerful knowledge base that will benefit each department within the organisation.


A critical factor in workforce management is compliance with an organisation’s internal hiring policies. Netstern’s customizable solution assures conformity by adapting to an organisation’s existing processes.