Why Netstern

Netstern Benefits

Reduction in Recruitment Costs

Our solutions significantly reduce recruitment costs and provide organisations with a more flexible budget.

Efficient and Productive Contractors

We ensure that organisations have efficient and productive contractors by establishing and maintaining a strong connection with their best and most reliable former  contractors.

A Competitive Edge

By maintaining a link with their best former contractors organisations have the competitive edge in the fight for talent:

Fast and Efficient Recruitment Process

Organisations can quickly see who is available and because the contractors on the platform have already proven themselves to be talented and reliable the assessment process is much shorter.

Authorised and Approved Processes

We enable organisations to create authorized and approved processes instead of ad-hoc practices.. Netstern brings consistency, organisation, and compliance to the hiring process.

Faster Contractor Ramp-Up Period

Contractors who have already worked within the organisation are more likely to know the work environment and processes. Therefore, when they return to the organisation, their ramp up time will be much shorter.

On-Demand Availability

Netstern platform provides organisations with direct access to the most qualified former contractors. They have on-demand access to the top most talented contractors in their network.

Experienced and Qualified Contractors

Hiring proven talent will reduce hiring mistakes. Contractors on the platform have already demonstrated their abilities and skills to the organisation. They are more trustworthy and capable of performing their duties.