How it works

How the process works

1. The contractor leaves your organization.

2. The hiring manager chooses to “Nominate” the contractor or not.

3. The “Nominated” contractor is invited to join the platform.

4. The contractor’s profile is regularly updated and is available in real-time.

5. Your organisation now has the option to re-hire the contractor on-demand.

Tailored Solutions

Every organisation has it’s own unique set of hiring processes. Nestern takes this into consideration and allows companies to customise their contract management platform for each individual.

Customizable Processes

– Nomination Process
– Recruitment Process
– Interview Process
– Hiring Process

The goal is to create a conformed solution for an organisation’s existing process and implement a formal, simple, and transparent recruitment process.


Before a consultant is invited to join the platform they  must be “Nominated” by their former hiring manager. Only consultants who have proven themselves to talented and reliable will be allowed to join.

By limiting this access, organisations are able to directly hire consutlants from the platform, secure in the knowledge that these consultants have already proven themselves to be trustworthy.

Netstern manages the nomination process by collaborating with the organisation. This is an effective and easy process.